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Hot cars don't start well? See if there is any problem with the fuel injection nozzle.

Hot car doesn't start well? See if there is any problem with the fuel injector. The new driver will come to watch.
Now the car has entered thousands of households, it has become the most commonly used tool for people. Although there are many cars running on the road, many drivers don't know about the car's performance and some faults. Most people have obtained their driver's license through the driving school, but they know little about some mechanisms and key parts of the car, even some simple faults can not be judged and explored. Especially now the weather is getting colder and colder. Many drivers find that the car is not easy to start when it is hot. In fact, the reason lies in the fuel injector.

The engine of the car is very simple. The fuel is atomized by the fuel injection nozzle. After the spark plug is ignited, the engine starts, and then the cylinder works in a continuous cycle. But once there is a problem with the fuel injector, the car is often very difficult to start, the author will take off the fuel injector of this engine, and carefully explain to you how the fuel injector works. First, remove the three fastening screws of the oil pipe, and then simply take it out.

This part of the mechanism is quite simple. The thick one is the oil inlet pipe and the thin one is the oil return pipe. The top side-by-side columnar mechanism is the fuel injector. Generally speaking, having a few friends means several engine cylinders, which is also a very simple basic knowledge. Next let's take a closer look at the nozzle. In principle, the nozzle at the nozzle is very clean and there will be no gasoline leakage. But we can see that there is gasoline in the leftmost nozzle, which is also the phenomenon of oil leakage.

Once there is oil leakage, it is more troublesome, because it is easy to wet the spark plug when the fuel injection nozzle seeps, so it is difficult to start up when the engine is hot, and then it will affect the ignition. Next, let's have a look at the working state of the fuel injector. We can see that the four side-by-side fuel injectors alternately spray gasoline. The gasoline is like a thin line at the fuel injector, and then it soon reaches the atomization state in the air. The better the atomization state is, the more stable the automobile engine is. If the atomization effect of the injected gasoline is too poor, a certain working cylinder will vibrate when the engine is started, and the driver can obviously feel it when driving.

Especially now there are a lot of new drivers in the society. They can only drive simply. They don't know about some potential work hazards and faults of the car at all. Sometimes it's not even clear what the injector and spark plug are. Although these are just some small parts of the car, they are the most critical core of the whole machine operation. So netizens can first consider the spark plug or friends when they find something abnormal when starting the car, and can also carry out some simple disassembly and maintenance at home.