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Industry news

How to judge the ignition coil is broken?

Resistance value test: The resistance value of the ignition coil is directly related to the quality of the ignition performance. If there is no fire or weak sparks, the resistance value of the primary winding and the secondary winding should be checked.

 One is that the body shakes significantly at idle speed. Observe the exhaust pipe mouth, the exhaust gas flow from the car has obvious intermittent, and at the same time the exhaust pipe shakes badly, and the "sudden" sound can be clearly heard.

The second is that during the driving process, when the speed is below 2500 rpm, the body has obvious jitter and weak acceleration; when the speed exceeds 2500 rpm, the sense of jitter disappears.

The third is to open the engine cover, observe the running engine, and find that the engine has obvious jitter. This kind of jitter has obviously not belonged to the jitter under normal engine working conditions, and the jitter amplitude is very large.

Fourth, the cylinder corresponding to the failure of a single ignition coil will not work, causing the idle speed to shake and the fuel valve is weak, the fuel will not be added, the fault light will be on, and the ignition coil will leak. At idle speed, sometimes shaking may not shake, but when the throttle is on, it certainly shakes and is weak. When accelerating, sometimes power failure causes acceleration to shake. At the same time when the cylinder is missing, the gasoline and air mixture in the cylinder cannot be ignited and will be discharged from the exhaust pipe. But in fact, the temperature of the exhaust pipe is very high. When the mixed gas reaches the exhaust pipe, it will burn due to the high temperature of the exhaust pipe. At this time, a large amount of heat will cause the ternary catalytic pores in the exhaust pipe to block, resulting in three Metacatalytic failure.

In addition, if the ignition coil is broken, there will be severe engine vibration, just like a tractor; oil supply, the car is weak, jittering, and the high-end position will not go up; when the breakdown is broken, the fault light will be on; the fuel truck will sit back and then move forward, the car suddenly, idle When the engine jitters, the smell of exhaust gas is great.